Best Amazon Echo Tips & Tricks

The Amazon Echo is an immensely diverse smart speaker no matter which version user has with them. There are loads of ways to get more from Alexa that too from the new Amazon Echo Dot to the second-gen Echo Show.

It has been observed that the remarkable beauty of voice commands is that it is available in varied options and features. The Amazon Echo does so many things that it’s often difficult to predict what different things are possible. Note that’s where this tips and tricks guide fits in, where we aim to unwrap some of Alexa’s phenomenal features.

Sharing accounts and switching profiles-

Learn to stop being selfish and start sharing. A user can store plenty of accounts to use on a single Echo and jump between them quickly by saying ‘Alexa, switch profile.’ Note that to add additional accounts, the user needs to login to or and then head towards Settings> Accounts> Household Profile.

Here, the user will be able to write the Amazon account details of the person they want to add on to their profile. If by chance, the user can’t remember whose account they are logged in with then they can figure it out just by asking ‘Alexa, which profile am I using?

Changing the Alexa wake word-

With the popularity of echo devices, Alexa’s name may have become common, but that doesn’t imply that forcefully user needs to like it. It can be that the name’s Alex or else user’s ex-partner’s dog is called Alexa so things are getting a bit confusing. Whatever may be the reason for the need to change, the user is completely independent to do it.  The user can act as an authoritative officer and can give Alexa a new name or a ‘wake’ word. Note that user can’t fully freely reign on the choice of replacement, but if Alexa isn’t ticking the boxes then the user can use ‘Amazon’ or ‘Echo’ as their vocal cue instead. It is easy to switch on.

Firstly, the user needs to select the speaker user want to refresh and then require pressing on the option of ‘Wake Word’ within the companion app.

Spot your primary music source

If the user is searching for an Amazon Echo Spotify Skill, the user has probably observed there isn’t one. However, that doesn’t mean the user can’t benefit from Spotify playlists with Eco-enabled voice commands.

Instead, the user can make Spotify as their Echo’s default audio provider.

 In the app, the user needs to head to the direction of Settings>Music and Media, and then the user will be able to select user go-to streaming service of choice.

Note that there is still no Apple Music support.

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