Don’t Just Reboot Your Router: FBI Warns

The FBI gave a warning last week to reboot the router because a dangerous malware is expanding its reach, VPN Filter has compromised hundreds of thousands of them.

If you have already done this, then very well. If you have not, then first reboot your router. But, you can protect your Microsoft account from all types of malware and cybercriminals who are the entering on your network from various ways, and then to do this you need to reset your device from its factory settings.

VPN filter is a type of small online criminal which can be the spy on your internet traffic or even brick your router. But before it can do anything that, it has to load itself up.

The malware always uses three stages to damage your device or data. At first they have to infect the router and then make a foundation on the user business. After that, in the second stage, they have to download, which is the primary root of the process. The scene is related to the software engine that can start messing around with and slurping up your data, including browser history, usernames, and passwords. Step three is a piece of cake; it comes in various forms that modify the capabilities of the leading hacking engine, stage two.

In the Friday announcement, the FBI has suggested for rebooting your router. That’s an effective thought, but it can remove only two and three stages. This isn’t an oversight on the FBI’s part. As the bureau’s statement notes:-

The FBI has suggested for the small office, and home office owners to routers reboot the devices on the temporary basis to block the malware and help on the potential identification of infected machines.

With the help of rebooting our routers in a significant scale, we are not only inviting the online infections to identify themselves by calling to their masters for a re-download of stages one and two but also we also highlighting the distribution network, which will have to work overdrive to deliver all these packages at once.

In short, we can say that it’s a smart strategy if the FBI can resolve the main problem. But in this period, it can be possible that your router can also be infected, and there is, as of this report, no right way to check.

Factory Settings:-

If you want to make your router malware or infection free entirely then first you need to do a full factory reset.

Please note: Before you start the reset process, search and save any instructions which may be needed to reconnect your router again. With the help of them, you will able to get a proper router performance.

The reset process is different for various routers, but generally, a button on the back labeled “Reset” or “Factory Reset” is involved in each router that needs to be press down with a paperclip for about few seconds at a time.

Once you have reset your router and made it malware free, then you need to change its password and to upgrade its firmware, if an update is available here.

Again, this varies from router to router so look up your specific model, but there are some typical steps are mentioned below which you can follow:-

  • Configure your computer system to your router with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Point your web browser to your router’s control panel page (usually by entering the address 192.681.1.1 in the address bar)
  • Login to the router’s control panel by using the correct username/ password, usually you can use the same combination of the words ‘admin’ and ‘password.’
  • From there, poke around or refer to your router manufacturer’s official instructions.

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