How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

With April 2018 updates of Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser has Dark Mode option in the settings. The company has made an effort to make its browser more attractive and useful especially at night. Still, there is a limitation to the dark mode of Edge browser. When the mode is enabled, it gets applied only to the interface of the web browser. Did you get bothered upon hearing that? There is also a solution for that through which you can open everything into the dark.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge?

  1. Launch Edge browser in your computer.
  2. Now, click the menu button from the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Go to the bottom of the menu list and click Settings.
  4. You will see the Choose a theme section with its drop-down button.
  5. Click the button to open its menu and select Dark mode.
  6. Microsoft Edge will immediately turn into the dark theme.
  7. Move to the Open Microsoft Edge with the option to select the page or pages to open in the dark.

If you want to switch to the previous theme, then follow the same steps and select Light instead of Dark. You can also turn all the web pages to Dark in Edge.

How to turn all Web Pages into Dark?

The settings of the Edge browser permit to change the theme of its interface only. But there is a way to turn everything into the dark in Microsoft Edge browser. Turn off the Lights is an extension developed by Microsoft to enable the complete dark mode in Edge browser.

  1. Download the Turn Off the Lights extension from Microsoft Store.
  2. Once the extension is installed, click to open the menu.
  3. Now go to Extensions and select Turn Off the Lights.
  4. Click Option to configure it.
  5. Select Night Mode from the left panel.
  6. Click on the checkbox of Show the night switch button below the web page to make the page dark or light.
  7. Towards the bottom of the window, click Automatically go to Night Mode when a new web page is open the option to open everything in the dark.
  8. You can turn off the Night Mode while on the webpage. Go to the left corner of the page and toggle off the dark website style.

Microsoft Edge dark mode and the extension to open everything in the dark are great for those who work at night. Still when you feel to remove the Turn Off the Lights extension, open the menu of Edge browser and go to Extensions. Click to disable or uninstall the Turn Off the Lights extension.

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