How to Manage your iPhone Contacts

You get access to your address book through clicking the phone icon on the Home screen of your iOS device. Several things can be done with the contacts in the Phone application such as:

  • Create a new contact– At the bottom of the screen, click Contacts. Click the + icon in upper right. Or tap the Contacts icon and select a further contact from quick actions list that is shown. Type the contact information and then click done.
  • Look for the contact from Favorites, voicemail screen or Recent– Click the little in a circle that is next to the message. You will see the contact’s information. Click the contact’s phone number or the email address. By doing this, you can contact the person through the email or the phone respectively.
  • Adding a caller to your contacts– Tap phone number and select Message, Call, Add to existing Contact or Create a new contact. You may also tap Recents or Voicemail. Tap the little I in the circle next to the number. Click Create New Contact and type the contact information. You may also tap Add to Existing Contact and Choose a contact. Tap done when you are finished.
  • Add a contact after dialing number with the help of keypad– Type the numeric keypad, Click + in a circle on the left of the number. Either click creates a new contact and type the contact information. You can also click Add to Existing Contact and choose a contact. Simply tap done when you are finished.
  • Take help of the trio useful buttons– Just do not forget extremely useful but the veiled Send message, Add to Favorites buttons and Share Contact features. These three appear on each contact’s information screen at the bottom. Just scroll down a little, and you will see them if you are not able to see them right now.

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