How to Sync Instagram Contacts with Facebook Messenger

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will enable you to bridge the gap between its two services. The feature is released in People tab on Facebook where you can sync the Instagram contacts to Facebook. Previously, it was difficult to manage chats with friends on several apps, but Facebook Corporation took a brave step towards reducing the organizational pain. The effort of the company may make it easier by allowing the Instagram contacts to the Facebook messenger. If you merge both the services, then Instagram conversations will sync with your Facebook Messenger automatically.

Besides, not only the contacts from Instagram will be visible in Facebook messenger, but the Instagram username and account will also be visible to your friends on Facebook. The company has publicized the feature so that every client of their services across the world can take advantages. To sync the two services together, you can follow these steps below.

 Here, how to sync Instagram contacts to Facebook Messenger

  1. To synchronize the apps, you must Instagram as well as Facebook Messenger
  2. Open Facebook Messenger app
  3. Tap on your Profile
  4. Scroll down to Public
  5. Tap to open Public and go to Sync Instagram Account
  6. Select Connect
  7. The process of contact syncing will start automatically

After the completion of the sync process, you will be able to see every Instagram contact into your Facebook Messenger app. Well, Facebook is not only featuring the syncing of Instagram contacts, but also featuring the phone contacts to Facebook. In case, you want to sync your phone contacts then go to People tab and turn on the Sync Contacts option.

If you feel the sync feature is not satisfying and creating disturbance in your life, then you can turn the sync off.

  1. Open People tab from your profile
  2. Select Instagram Account and tap Disconnect to separate the applications

Since people love to socialize, Facebook and Instagram are one of the best platforms to make your friend circle bigger. But when someone doesn’t want to keep the friends of these two separate entities together in one place, disconnecting the sync emerges out to be a better option.

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