How to Troubleshoot Gmail Error ‘Something’s Not Right’?

Gmail is playing a lead role among the various workplaces, such as- business, students, home, etc. Everyone wants a perfect email service to complete their task. But sometimes, it’s possible that you are using your Gmail to send any message, and an error appears on your screen that says “Something’s not right.” In this situation, you can be lost in your mind. Thus, for your comfort, we are talking about What could this be about, and why is it happening on your email. At the moment you want to check some important emails.

No need to worry about this error, it’s a common email error, and most of the time, it can be created because of the user and less so of Google.

So the concern is this how to do we can fix this problem and what do you need to switch to a different email client. You have no need to change to another email user account, and no doubt, the “Something’s not right” error is definitely fixable. You can easily fix this using few easy steps.

What to do if Gmail Something’s not right?

Before starting the process, you need to clear your browser cache then restart your router and try once. If it does not help you to resolve this issue, then you need to move below given methods.

1- Use a different web browser

You must use a different web browser to open your email account. Many problems on the web stem from can be solved by simply change your web browser, just for a temporary time. You can use some of the best browsers such as- Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome for this task. All are best regarding support and following web standards.

Please note- Gmail is a Google service, Chrome and Opera is providing the best service since the engine behind these web browsers come from the search huge directly.

2- Repair or Reset your Browser

You can deal with this issue by repairing your web browser.

  • To Reset or Repair Edge you can use the below-given instruction.
  • First of all, go to the WinX Menu and then click on the Settings option.
  • Then move to the under Apps and features section.
  • Here search for Microsoft Edge and then click on the Advanced options link.
  • After that, turn on Repair or Reset Edge option.

If you don’t have Microsoft Edge, then you can use the Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer for resetting as the case may be.

3- Check your Internet Connection

Improper internet connection is the main reason behind this error. Most of the time you can face “Something’s not right” error because of slow or problematic internet connection. You need to check your router connection.

To ensure your connection, you need to open a new tab and try to load a different web page.

If it is taking time to load the page or just doesn’t load at all, then your internet connection is not doing the work properly.

Suggestion- You can also use the Basic version of -HTML Email until your internet connection does not work properly.

Hopefully, this post will help you to send your email on another email account or resolve your “Something’s not right” error.

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