How to Use Dropbox More Efficiently

The Internet has changed our way of living. It is a daily used phrase; if you don’t know something, just google it. Calling someone is Skyping or Facetiming them. Message someone has become send DMS to them. When it is about sending a file through cloud storage, the phrase is “Dropbox it.” “I will Google Drive your file” doesn’t sound appropriate. Use these effective tips to use Dropbox efficiently:

Use Selective Sync to control what is synced

There may be so many files in your Dropbox account; you don’t want them covering up all your system. We mostly have limited storage space. Some files may not even be required in your device. Now you can use Selective Sync. This will tell Dropbox to remove that certain folder from your device but will store it in the Dropbox’s web version. To begin with this feature, tap right on the Dropbox icon in your Open computer preferences. You will see the selective sync option under the Sync tab.

Bad file check

At times, your Dropbox files are not backed up properly. Even if it is automated, Dropbox will not inform you of it. You should be aware of checking about the malicious files in your device.

  1. Launch Dropbox and Sign in.
  2. Go to Check your incompatible files.
  3. Dropbox may take a few minutes to deliver this report.
  4. Once you get the report, you will see what is being updated and what is not.
  5. Now that you have the report see the reasons why it is incompatible with Dropbox.
  6. You can troubleshoot it yourself.
  7. You also can contact the customer service team.

Events help you in recognizing the hackers

You must keep looking for the changes in your account. It is defensive against the predators, and it will also make you aware of what has been coming to your Dropbox. A Timeline will help you in seeing what you have shared with others, your downloads, uploads, deletions, and changes.

  1. Go to your Dropbox account and Sign in.
  2. Go to the Events page.
  3. Verify everything should be visible orderly.
  4. Change your password instantly if you see that there are some changes that have not been made by you.

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