How to Use Google Drive Offline on Computer

In case the users do not have Wi-Fi connectivity on their computer, then they can still use their Google Drive with any web-enabled Windows PC, Mac or smartphones. If they go through the editing process of “Google Docs”, “Google Slides” and “Google Sheets” without connecting to the Internet, it will update it automatically in its latest version when they connect their system with internet again.

Steps for Accessing Google Drive Offline on PC

•    Go to the Chrome browsing application.

•    You have to go through the downloading and installing process of the “Google Docs offline Chrome extension.”

•    Sign in to the account linked with Google in case the users are not logged in yet.

•    By going to the “My Drive” webpage, they need to choose the “Gear” symbol located in the top right-hand column for opening the “Settings” application.

•    Now, they have to choose the “General” option by visiting the Control Panel located on the left-hand column of the screen.

•     After that, go to the checkbox near the “Sync Google Docs”, “Sheets”, “Slides” and “Drawings” folders for editing them in the offline mode.

While the users edit a particular folder offline, then they will get a thunderbolt symbol near the title of the documents. After they connected to the internet connection again, there will be changes when you syncing the files and the thunderbolt icon will also get removed.

•    Choose “Done” button. The users can still work on “Google Docs”, “Google Sheets” or “Google Slides” folders in the Google Chrome browser application without having internet connectivity.

Note: It is enough in case the users wish to click on the save button for saving their work if the internet is disconnected. But in case they like to go through the downloading process of Google drive documents to the system which they can edit anytime they wish to. They should go through the installation procedure of “Backup and Sync.”

•    In case there are any changes made while following these steps, then you will get to know easily and you will get the updates of the latest version when your system is again connected with the Wi-Fi.

•    You need to start the downloading and installing process of “Backup and Sync” personal edition used for Google Drive.

•    Go to the “Backup and Sync” option and log in to the account linked with Google.

•    In case the users like, then they can select for saving the folders on the PC to Google Drive. In case they do not wish to go through that method, and then unselect the checkbox in every file and after that, choose the “Next” button.

•    They need to choose the checkbox near the “Sync My Drive to this computer” option and after that, choose the “Start” button to begin downloading the Google Drive documents in the Google Drive.

•    While waiting for some time, the Google Drive documents will start its download process to a Google Drive file and in case you wish to add another file to Google Drive folder, then it will start its downloading process automatically.

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