Photo Editing Apps That Can Transform Your Photos!

Photography is an art. Capturing a photograph takes a keen eye and great skill. However, to get the best out of the photos that you have taken, you should also be skillful enough to edit them until perfection. You may need to resize the image, adjust the color scheme, remove objects, brighten or sharpen, apply filters, or even create a collage – a decent photo editing app can do all that!

Half the magic of photography lies in editing, through which you can mask the pesky imperfections that may have crept into your masterpiece. Thus, a photo editing app is an important weapon in your arsenal that you should equip yourself with.

So to aid you in your pursuit of art, here is an exhaustive list of awesome photo editing apps that can breathe a new life into your photographs.

1- Pixlr

Available for: Android, iOS, and Web

Pixlr is a one-stop photo editing app that offers the user an array of editing options. You can automatically fix your photos, add texts, and apply preset filters. It has a simple user interface with focus on functionality. You can choose from a range of tools that could carry out basic editing like cropping and resizing to color popping and collage creation. It has a stunning collection of filters to choose from.

2- Facetune

Available for: Android and iOS

Facetune is auto-tune for your face! Even if you are not tech savvy, with a few swipes here and there, you may project as though you have the perfect skin. Apart from removing skin blemishes, you can even whiten your teeth, remove visible pimples, and iron out the creases on your skin. You can even change the tone of your skin or modify the shape to get the perfect curves and cuts.

3- VSCO Cam

Available for: Android and iOS

If you are serious about your photography, then VSCO may be just the right app for you. It is a massive hit amongst the professional photographs. You can use VSCO to edit your photos without making them look unnatural or plastic. The app is also integrated with GRID, a social media platform where you can create and maintain an album of your greatest pictures.

4- Touch Retouch

Available for: Android and iOS

Has someone photobombed your favorite picture? Simply fling the Touch Retouch lasso over them to get rid of them forever! Touch Retouch is the best way to remove unwanted objects from your photographs. You can easily remove all the annoying content from your photograph using this nifty app. Not only removal, you can also replace the objects with something worthwhile of being in your photograph! The clone tool, on the other hand, allows you to repeat the wanted elements of your photo.

5- Moldiv

Available for: Android and iOS

If you are not a serious photo editor and would rather play around with funky stickers and fancy fonts then Moldiv may be just the perfect app for you! Of course, it offers the basic and usual photo editing apps but you have over 500 stickers to liven up your photographs! The app has more than 320 fonts, 150 filters, and you can make a collage of 10+ photographs.

We hope that this list helps you find the next best app that offers a dream-like finishing to your work of art.

So what are you waiting for? Download these handy photo apps and get down to editing your photographs until you reach sheer perfection!

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