Pokemon Go Plans to Include New Meltan Avatar Items

Niantic is featuring new research events and Raid battles for Pokémon trainers to explore new and existing Pokémon. 

Trainers are currently preparing for the upcoming Clamperl Limited Time Research events and the Team Change Medallion. Still, it seems like Niantic is also planning to include new avatar items to the in-game store for players to enjoy Pokémon 891.

 Pokémon 891 is the newly introduced Meltan, which was initially named as Kecleon or Pokémon 891 in the program files for the title. Data miners were the first to discover this new creature in the resource files of the game.

Initially, many fans were confused with the Kecleon and Pokémon 891 and were unable to a certain as to which new Pokémon is going to be featured for the title. Many also nicknamed Meltan as Nutto but later with the official release, players got to know about the Meltan Pokémon.

This confusion created a lot of discussion amongst fans and community members which proved to be excellent marketing and introduction for Meltan to Pokémon GO and made this cute monster quite famous amongst the trainers.

Seemingly seeing the popularity of Meltan amongst the trainers, Niantic introduced a special Research quest for Pokémon Lets GO and Pokémon GO which rewarded players with an evolution of Meltan known as Melmetal.

 With such reputation and attractiveness for the Meltan, developers at Niantic are planning to release different cosmetics and wearable’s for the Meltan Pokémon.  The new wearable’s for Meltan includes a long-sleeve shirt, a winter hat and a pair of earrings exclusively for female players.

The in-game store has provided a range of appeals for players to have an additional touch to their in-game characters like skins for Misty or Brock also many unique apparels for team Aqua and Magma have also featured in the shop.

The inclusion of these appeals is confirmed from the renowned Pokémon leaker Chrales who twitted a post on Twitter claiming new Meltan avatar items are coming soon to Pokémon GO.

Although it is not clear as to when the Niantic is planning to include these unique content to the game still it would be quite fun to upgrade Pokémon appearance with cosmetic items giving players another reason to stick with the title.

Prices are not known yet, but trainers are hocked up on saving all the funds to purchase exclusive wearable’s for the Meltan, let’s see if Pokémon GO introduces more such cosmetics for other in-game creatures and what new ideas they will come up to improve on the player’s in-game experience.

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