Things to Do on iPhone X During That Boring Call

Do you often get bored while on a call with a friend who keeps talking your ear off? Well, you can do a number of things while staying on the call. If you are on a business call and need to note something down, you do not have to scrimmage for paper and pen. You can just create the note on your iPhone without having to disconnect the call. Are you scheduling a meeting with a friend over the call? Check how the weather is going to be while you do so.

Here is a list of stuff you can do on your iPhone X during a phone call:

Mute the call

Muting the call stops the individuals to whom you are on a call with from hearing anything from your side. If you are on a call with multiple people, then it might be good if you mute yourself when they are talking. Or if you are on a call with someone and you know that you will not be required to speak for quite a while, then you can mute yourself. Moreover, if you are stuck in traffic or at a concert, then you may want to mute yourself to avoid turbulence.

When you are on the call, hit the Mute button. Hit the button again to unmute yourself.

Check the Contacts list

If the person you are on a call with needs the contact details of someone else, then you can use this feature. Just open the Contacts and scroll through the list to find the information that the other person seeks. You can also use this to add a person to a conference call.

Put the caller on hold

If you want to take a quick loo break or if someone rings the doorbell when you are on a call, you can put the call on hold. This feature comes in handy when you wish to take up a new call while staying on the existing one. To put somebody on hold, just tap and press the Mute icon for a few seconds. Repeat the same to resume the call.

Add and merge calls

You can answer someone else’s call while already being on a call with someone. You can also dismiss the incoming call by hitting the Ignore button. In order to answer another call while still being on the existing call, select the Hold & Accept option flashing on the screen. If you want to disconnect the current call and connect to the new one, select the End & Accept option flashing on the screen. You may choose the Send to Voicemail option if you do not want to disconnect your call or put it on hold. You can also switch the calls by hitting the Swap button.

Make a conference call

If you want to talk to your group of friends to discuss a surprise party, you can use this feature. If you are on a call with a friend and another mutual friend calls, then you can merge the calls. In order to have a conference call, just call somebody and put them on hold. Add another caller, and combine the calls. You can add up to five people in a conference call.

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