Top 10 Social Media Platforms in 2019

The mind-blowing tech in the digital world is blazing a trail in the domain of social media. MySpace, which had an indomitable presence in people’s social lives over the past years seems to lose its spot and few others like Friendster and Orkut have also been dimmed out of their picturesque frenzy owing to privacy and interface maneuvers. When the evolution in social media is so rapid, then why not put the foot in other boot and see if we can find something cooler.

Leading social media platforms that will tempt us this year

1.  Facebook

     Launched in February 2004, Facebook has emerged as the mainstream social media platform across the world. Its new features which help people find jobs, reply to DM from Instagram, create events, create a new page for a company, all have made it more popular.

2. Instagram

     This picture and video sharing app owned by Facebook keeps all social media fans excited owing to its cool design and easy picture sharing interface. It has around 1 billion users as of 2019, and it keeps growing.

3. Twitter

     It is the new platform for free speech in today’s world. It is the most common platform used by famous personalities to keep their followers up to date about what’s happening in their lives and to express their opinions on happenings around the world. There’s a specific character limit allowed to a user for a tweet.

4. Snapchat

      Live in the moment! The new expression for peace. When we seek it on the digital platform, it’s called  Snapchat. It allows users to share a moment in the form of photos, videos, text, and drawings.

5.  Tumblr

      Tumblr can help users quench their creative jest by letting them post video and photo content in the form of micro-blogs. It has  easy to use customization tools which make it more user-friendly.

6. Skype

     Skype allows people to make free video and voice calls to Skype contacts. It can also be used to call a mobile or landline by subscribing to the Skype Credit system.

7. Linkedin

     It is mainly used for professional networking, i.e., by employers to find candidates for a job position, or by job seekers posting their CVs.


      It is a new social networking website that pertains explicitly to users asking and answering a wide array of questions.

9. Nextdoor

     Want to find some company in the neighborhood, then this great tool is for you. It helps users to stay connected locally.

10. YouTube This great social media platform has the largest collection of videos from around the world. It allows individuals, businesses to create channels and share their videos. YouTube’s popularity has risen hugely as it enables users to monetize their videos and earn money.

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