Unable to See Yourself on Skype Video Calls? Here’s the Solution

The users of the Windows 10 will lean to use the Skype for making the voice, and video calls pretty regularly; only because it’s a quality. Moreover, from the very first time in years, the desktop version of the Skype doesn’t even look like something which is out of a 90s movie. Though Microsoft has been done a very decent job since they acquired Skype, but unluckily, some problems continue till day.

The only problems every user-facing many times, but now we have much to do with their incapability to see themselves when making Skype video call. By this issue, the user can able to see the other party but not see themselves in that little box which is situated in the corner. At times, it is a little bit frustrating and also irritating to knowing that the other party has a very clear view, but only you are incapable of telling although if you are already sitting in the right spot, in front of the camera of your device.

Here’s the Solution, If you are Unable to See Yourself on Skype

Before we jump into the steps, we would like to suggest you that turn-off and turn on the video by easily using the buttons on the screen. We try to provide you with three main steps which can surely help you in fixing your problem. These steps are very easy and simple to follow. The steps are mentioned below:

Check if the webcam is operational

For doing this you need to follow the steps, but always follow the steps in ascending order to avoid trouble and save your time and efforts. The steps are given below:

  1. Click on the three dots button in Skype.
  2. Click on the Audio & Video Settings tab,
  3. Now, the webcam light should Turn On
  4. Check it once that your face is showing on the box or not.
  5. If nothing shows up, then it simply means that Skype does not recognize your camera properly.

Update Driver of your Webcam

For this go on ahead and follow the process given below:

  1. Click on the Windows Key + X together,
  2. Choose Device Manager from the menu
  3. Click on the Cameras or Imagine Devices tab, from the list of hardware
  4. Now, try to keep your eye out for your webcam.
  5. Finally, click on the Update Driver Software
  6. Now, search automatically for updated driver software

Reset the Skype App

  1. Click to Logout from the Skype app
  2. Now, click to Restart your computer.
  3. Once your system is backed up
  4. Then, click on the Windows Key + I together, to launch the Settings menu,
  5. Click to Choose Apps.
  6. Now, scroll until you’ve come across the Skype.
  7. Click on the skype option
  8. Select the Advanced Option
  9. Finally, Click on the Reset tab
  10. Again, click to restart Skype
  11. Click to log-in again
  12. Now try to make a video call to your friends and families.

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